Less or No sugar Confectionary

Sugarless Confectionary

Sugarless Confectionery sells sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb chocolate and confectionery. With the world's largest (and most tempting) sugar-free range, we're like an online factory of dreams for those who want to satisfy, not rot, their sweet tooth.

 Our founder has been sweet on the sugar-free stuff since the late 60s. It was an era of sorbitol-based products that were less of a treat and more of a trick for people who had to avoid sugar. Since that dark and tasteless time, our company has partnered with European candy-making masters and found the recipe for sweet success.

We've whipped up a lot of "firsts" over the years, including the first sugar-free peppermint in 1970 and the first 80% cocoa sugar-free dark chocolate. We use only the finest ingredients to make our confectionery - because sugarless shouldn't mean tasteless. In fact, our sweet treats are so lip-smackingly good you don't have to be diabetic or dieting to appreciate their saintly ingredients lists.


From chocolate to chews, licorice to lollipops, hard-boiled candies to soft-as-clouds marshmallows ... we make 'em all with pride and without sugar. Shop our mouthwatering products for that "kid in a candy store" feeling and the most epic choice of Sugarless Confectionery.